Is my ssl cert expired?

Remembering to renew your ssl certificates is the bane of any ops engineer's existence. This is a tool to help remind you.

Feel free to call this from your own scripts if you'd like to write your own cert checks. We return json according to the accept header:

$ curl -H 'Accept: application/json' ''
    "activeInDays": -1,
    "expiresInDays": 89,
    "issuer": {
        "commonName": "Let's Encrypt Authority X3",
        "country": "US",
        "organization": "Let's Encrypt"
    "notAfter": "2017-02-03T21:29:00Z",
    "notBefore": "2016-11-05T21:29:00Z",
    "serial_number": "296884095075355999378017343179010818461622",
    "signature_algorithm": "sha256WithRSAEncryption",
    "subject": {
        "commonName": ""
    "subjectAltName": [
    "version": 2

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